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Up to now, it was impossible to comply with farmers' requests for fertiliser mixes that not only contain the common principal nutrients, but also offer a supply of lime at the same time. In the past, it took additional work steps to supply crop plants with the nutrient calcium in spring and regulate the pH value of the soil. Our new product GRADE I EXTRA now offers the market a granulated lime and magnesium fertiliser for use in fertiliser mixing equipment. GRADE I EXTRA contains 88% CaCO3 plus 5% MgCO3. A reactivity of more than 80% makes this calcium carbonate readily convertible.

Thanks to special treatment, this convincing calcium carbonate offers a grain hardness previously unknown on the market, as well as granulation that makes it eminently suitable for mixing equipment. The particle size ranges from 2 to 4 mm. The material produced in Lägerdorf comes in Big Bags with inner liner, meaning that it can also be stored outdoors.

Application of the lime to the surface of the ground early in the year substantially improves the physical properties of the topsoil: the loosened soil does not form puddles, even after heavy rain or snow, new humus is formed by the lime, and the physiologically acid lime fertilisers applied at the same time are neutralised. In addition to having a favourable impact on the pH value, the calcium requirement of the crop plants is likewise catered to. The quantity per hectare extracted by the plants is between 50 kg CaO for cereals and up to 180 kg CaO on grassland. The magnesium contained in GRADE I EXTRA is an additional selling argument.

We will be more than pleased to inform you about other advantages and details of our product.
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