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Wolf Trax DDP

Wolf Trax micronutrients - with hitherto unique properties and applications

In the context of increasing demands on the yield and/or quality of crop plants, particularly fruit, vegetables and field crops, a latent or acute micronutrient deficiency can quickly become a limiting factor in profitable plant husbandry.

Wolf Trax micronutrients - innovative and unique:

  • The patented Dual Action effect ensures immediate uptake of the micronutrients into the plant within 24 hours.
  • The Dual Action effect also guarantees a depot effect lasting at least three to four weeks.

Four applications:

  • Seed coating
  • Coating of fertilisers in fertiliser mixing equipment
  • Mixing into liquid fertilisers
  • As leaf dressing using a sprayer

Wolf Trax DDPs are products of very high purity.

Highly concentrated powders:

  • This results in low logistics costs and smaller storage space requirements.
  • The manufacturer guarantees the effectiveness and uptake by the plants.

The following micronutrients are available:

  • Boron 18.5%
  • Calcium 27%
  • Copper 57.5%
  • Iron 47%
  • Manganese 33%
  • Zinc 62%

Wolf Trax micronutrients
with hitherto unique properties and applications.
For seed coating
For fertiliser coating
For application with a sprayer

Feel free to contact Mr. Arnold Siebels for more information.

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