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NORDWEISS-PERLE® Garten- und Rasenkalk

For private gardeners with a kitchen garden, an orchard or a lawn, NORDWEISS-PERLE® Garten- und Rasenkalk is always the right product.

NORDWEISS-PERLE® Garten- und Rasenkalk predominantly consists of chalk lime that comes from our high-quality chalk deposits in Lägerdorf. NORDWEISS-PERLE® Garten- und Rasenkalk additionally contains dolomite, a type of rock consisting of the two nutrients calcium and magnesium. Mixed only with water without any chemical additives, the fine chalk lime is formed into pellets surrounding a dolomite nucleus on a constantly rotating pan granulator. Once they have reached the right size, the pellets fall from this pan granulator and are forwarded for further processing, sieving and post-drying. These lime pellets generate no dust, making it easy to spread them in the garden. NORDWEISS-PERLE® Garten- und Rasenkalk is very readily soluble and highly effective. It is a pure, natural product and is therefore suitable for gardeners who pay attention to their health and the environment. After all, it gets their garden soil back into balance! If your garden soil is out of balance, it is not healthy and lacks the basis for optimum growth.

Sooner or later, your beautiful garden will starve. Many soils are too acid, and also too dense for the fine roots of your plants. If a soil is too acid, i.e. if the pH value is too low, plants can take up larger amounts of the heavy metals present in the soil, such as mercury, lead and cadmium. In contrast, an optimum pH value makes it easier for the plants to take up important nutrients.

This is where NORDWEISS-PERLE® Garten- und Rasenkalk can help! It loosens the soil and creates an optimum pH value - the prerequisite for optimum growth!


When and how do I use NORDWEISS-PERLE® Garten- und Rasenkalk?

You can apply lime at any time of year. Autumn or winter is the best time for liming, because melting snow and rain then disperse the lime particularly effectively in the soil. In addition, soil that has previously been supplied with lime warms up faster in spring and, after mild winters, the roots already start to grow in February/March. Your plants will reward you by demonstrating better growth and flowering for longer. However, you can still apply lime early in the year, up to March. Healthy, fertile soils need to be given lime once per year, because plant growth, rain and acid mineral fertilisers constantly extract lime from the soil. The extent of lime loss varies, depending on the seasonal weather and the type of soil. It averages 6 – 9 kg per 100 m². However, there are also plants that prefer fairly acid to highly acid soils, i.e. are sensitive to lime. These plants include rhododendrons, erica (heathers), hydrangeas, fuchsias and azaleas.

Recommended quantity, 1x per year, depending on soil condition kg
Light soils (sand, humous sand) 6 - 8 kg 100 m²
Medium soils (sandy loam, loess) 10 - 12 kg 100 m²
Heavy soils (clayey loam, clay) 12 - 14 kg 100 m²
Remedial liming: for new gardens or acid soils appr. 50 kg 100 m²

NORDWEISS-PERLE® Garten- und Rasenkalk is available at all good garden centres and in the gardening departments of large DIY stores. It comes in 10 kg and 25 kg bags.

The trend among garden owners today is more and more towards using quality, not quantity in the garden. Particularly in the field of garden lime, there are major differences in quality, and a lot of money is made out of the ignorance of many consumers. At the moment, almost every garden centre and DIY store sells limes that often have a reactivity (solubility) in the region of 7 to 18%, although German fertiliser law even prescribes a minimum of 10%. In contrast, chalk limes, such as our products NORDWEISS-PERLE® Garten- und Rasenkalk, GRANUKAL® and Gärtnerkalk mikrofein, have a reactivity of more than 80%. The price of chalk lime products may be slightly higher, but their effect is incomparably better than that of poorly soluble limes.

NORDWEISS-PERLE® Garten- und Rasenkalk

Calcium carbonate, highly reactive
80 % CaCO3 - 5 % MgCO3

Pure, natural lime from algal deposits. Pelletised - dust-free, with magnesium, for professional horticulture and private gardens. Activates the soil and rapidly increase the pH value. Can be applied at any time of year and to growing crops. The best effect is obtained by subsequently working the product into the soil.

Depending on the soil analysis and the plants present, apply the recommended quantity once per year.

Light soils 6 – 8 kg/100 m²
Heavy soils 12 – 14 kg/100 m²

Remedial liming: Approx.50 - 75 kg/100 m², depending on pH value and soil analysis.
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