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Activation of biological wastewater treatment

The acid capacity plays a decisive role in biological wastewater treatment. A minimum acid capacity of 1.5 mmol/l, or better 2 mmol/l, in the effluent of the biological treatment plant is recommended, since the biological processes are otherwise severely disrupted by excessively low pH values (< 7.0).

According to the equation: CaCO3 + CO2 + H2 Ca(HCO3)2 an acid capacity of 2 mmol/l can be produced by adding 1 mmol/l chalk (100 g/m3).

Compared to other chemicals, the natural product chalk has the following advantages:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • High reactivity and rapid dissolution
  • Simple handling
  • No risk of exceeding pH values
  • No encrustation in pipelines
  • No sedimentation

In addition to stabilising the pH value, chalk has positive effects on the entire wastewater treatment process, such as:

  • Sludge weighting
  • Improved dewatering properties
  • Support of biological P elimination
  • Buffer system

The Optical 20 grade is a suitable type from our product range.

Optical – fine chalk from the Plant Söhlde

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