Fluor Kaskaden Absorber
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Fluorine cascade absorbers

Fluorine cascade absorbers are the standard solution for high hydrogen fluoride and low hydrogen chloride and sulphur oxide concentrations. Flue gases flow through the cascade and the sorbent, whereupon the pollutants react with the sorbent. Saturated sorbents are collected in the system's hopper and discharged continuously or intermittently. The cost-efficiency of the system can be improved by a skimming unit.

REASORB TAV 3 - 7 mm is a tried-and-tested sorbent for eliminating commonly known pollutants, such as sulphur dioxide (SOx) and hydrogen chloride (HCl), in thermal processes, as well as fluorine (F) in fluorine cascade absorbers. The unique nature of calcium carbonate from chalk lies in the history of its geological formation and its age of just 70 - 100 million years.

Product advantages

  • Large surface area of 5 - 6 square metres per gram
  • Mineralogical composition
  • Chemical purity
  • Stable particle size range
  • Suitability as an absorbent
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