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Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann GmbH & Co. KG

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1869, the founding year of the "Wilhelm Behrens, Inhaber Dr. Budde, Kreidewerk" company, from which the Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann KG group of companies emerged
1955 Heinrich Dammann takes over the business of the company Dr. Budde, on 1 May.
1956, the year of the first departure from the wet process in production. New, "dry" processes involving air classification and drying are used. Production is transferred to the deposit on the "Berg" (Söhlde chalk quarries).
1961, after being in operation for just five years, the plant in Söhlde is completely destroyed by a fire on 04.08.1961.
1962, a reconstructed, modern and automated facility commences production in Söhlde.
1964, the company's product range is expanded to include the business of "trading in raw materials and chemicals".
1966, the Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann KG company is founded on 01.07.1966, with works and deposits in Söhlde and Lägerdorf.
1983, the Salz-Handel GmbH company is established as a subsidiary on 01.05.1983. Trading in sodium chloride compounds is concentrated in this division.
1991, the Söhlder Düngekalk GmbH company is established as a further subsidiary on 01.01.1991 to coordinate the distribution of fertiliser lime products in the Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt region.
1992, the Lägerdorf plant is greatly expanded and adapted to technical progress.
1993, the Kreidewerk Rügen GmbH company is acquired on 01.08.1993. The Dammann Group now unites all of the former 51 chalk works in Northern Germany (22 in Söhlde, 5 in Schleswig-Holstein and 24 on Rügen)
1994, the Kreidewerk Rügen facility is renovated and completely automated. The production workflows are now dominated by modern classifiers and wet processes.
1996, the Söhlde plant is expanded and adapted to technical progress.
1999, the Söhlde plant is expanded again. Among other things, the complete filter installation is fitted with sound insulation. The Dammann group of companies receives its first quality management certification to DIN EN ISO 9002.
2000, Chalk - a versatile raw material makes career.
2002, the Group receives its first certification to QC – Quality Control of Feed Ingredients for Animal Feed.
2003, Certification to QC - Quality Control of Feed Materials for Animal Feed (GMP 13) takes place. QS Certification and QS ID No. 4031735006049 for the facilities in Söhlde, Lägerdorf and Kreidewerk Rügen GmbH are awarded.
2004, compliance with the QS criteria for meat and meat products is certified in the "Complete Feed" category on 09.06.2004.
2006, the Dammann group of companies is certified to the Environmental Management System DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 on 16.06.2006.
2013, on 27.03.2013 closes a circle of life. We have taken leave of our chief and founder of the group, as well as general partners, Heinrich Dammann has died at the age of 88 years.
2015, on 11.12.2015 company transformed to  GmbH & Co. KG
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