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FORST-GRANUKAL .... a chance for the forest


  • A dolomitic lime with 70 % CaCO3, 15 % MgCO3 and important trace elements
  • A granulated two-components compensation lime
  • A natural lime for every site
  • Contains the nutrients calcium and magnesium and trace elements
  • Has an ideal chalk-dolimite-composition



  • A mixture consisting of dolomitic lime with soft-ground raw phosphate fabricated to become a granulated product.
  • The phosphate added causes and stimulates a favorable humus form. FORST-GRANUKAL + phosphate contains 70 % CaCO3, 15 % MgCO3 and 3 % P2O5.


  • It guarantees a safe pH-increase and buffering of acid rains
  • It is gentle on small live organisms due to the almost dustfree granulate form
  • It increases the magnesium supply of the trees (important for the generation of chlorophyll)
  • It corrects the soil milieu in the area of the fine roots in a positive way
  • It can be spread at every time of the year, in exact doses and in a controllable way
  • It activates directly the microbial soil activity (flora and fauna)

And this is how FORST-GRANUKAL is spread

By means of a helicopter - blowing device - trailer - large area scatterer - manual scattering.

Due to the granulated structure there cannot be a demixing when scattering mechanically and pneumatically. This means that all the nutrients are spread in one working cycle. Dusting, luting, or event cementing of the trees is impossible. FORST-GRANUKAL is also available in packed form for the liming of the seed holes.

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