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Tasks of the lime treatment

Substitution of natural calcium and magnesium losses. Soil which is sufficiently supplied with lime looses approximately 500 kg lime per hectare every year as a result of harvesting and eluviation of soil.

This deficiency of lime causes a slow acidification and degradation of the soils which has to be compensated by means of adequate lime doses.

Stop of the acidification of the soil

Our agricultural areas are exposed to a permanent soil acidification.

This is caused by:

  • CO2-eliminations by roots of plants and live organisms in the soil.
  • Acidification effect due to physiologically acid fertilizers
  • Decomposition of the organic substance (e. g. straw, beet leaves)
  • Bringing in of substances which cause the acidification of the soil with the rainfalls

Lime quickly neutralizes these harmful acids and simultaneously increases the buffer capability of the soils.

Improvement of the utilization of nutrients

The increase of the pH-value results in an optimum availability of all the nutrients.

Test results demonstrate that an optimum chalk lime supply considerably improves e. g. the utilization of phosphates.Lime improves the Utilization of Phosphate.Influence of the Lime Condition on the P-Availability Source: STURM, ISERMANN; Landw.Forschung, Kongreßb. 1978

Improvement of the soil structure

As far as soil physics is concerned, it is calciumcarbonate which above all improves the structure.A constant crumb structure is unthinkable without a sufficient lime supply of the soil. A crumby soil can be cultivated quicker and easier, thus meeting the requirements for an ideal seed bed.

Excess rainwater can be lead to the undersurface in a quicker way. The soil dries off easier and warms up faster. The silting-up of the surfaces is reduced. The emergence of sensitive cultures is improved.

Calciumcarbonate supports and with this protects the stable soil structure.


Activation of life in the soil

Only in soil sufficiently supplied with lime live organisms find optimum living conditions and can propagate quickly.
Mineral and organic matters are mixed up well, glued together and "cemented" in the intestinal area of the live organisms of the soil. Excrement consist of stable crumbs. This is called "soil bioengineering measures". Thus lime generates resistant organic compounds with crumble-generating characteristics. Active life in soil improves the release of nutrients.

The extremely complex effect of calcium carbonate in soil shows its great importance for maintaining and improving the fertility of soil. Aims for pH-values in soil.

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