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Fertilizing lime - products

Fertilizer Lime - products made by Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann.

Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann offers its customers in agriculture and forestry a wide variety of lime products.

When evaluating fertilizer limes, the CaCO3(CaO)-content and the reactivity (action speed) are important criteria.


In our sales areas we offer only those lime products which, due to their characteristics, are well-suited for the different site conditions.This ensures that the excellent characteristics of our products are fully advantageous on the differently structured areas. The fertilizer lime of Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann is subject to the most severe quality criteria and fulfills all the requirements of the German rules and regulations for fertilizers (Düngemittelverordnung).

Due to its characteristics and compositions cretaceous limestone has also got the approval for the ecological agriculture.

If managing your business successfully on a long term basis is your aim, then only the use of lime produced by Vereinigte Kreidewerke Dammann should be considered.

We append a survey showing the products which we can offer you in your region.

If any questions regarding our products arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.


CaCO3 in %
MgCO3 in %
Reactivity in %
Coccolithenkalk 85 - >90
Granukal 80 5 80
SÖKA I 85 - 90
SÖKA II 80 5 80
SÖKA III 70 15 55
Rügener Kreidekalk 80 - 95
Rügener II-Phasenkalk 62 20 >50
Coccofreak 75 5 90
Granukal S 68 1-2 4%S
Rügener II -
Phasenkalk 65/15
65 15 >70
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