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Commercial products

To be able to offer our customers in agriculture and forestry the fertilizer limes required from one supplier, we complete our range of products by commercial articles.

It goes without saying that these fertilizers, too, are subject to the most severe quality criteria and fulfill the requirements of the German rules and regulations for fertilizers (Düngemittelverordnung).

Furthermore, calciumcarbonate and dolomitic lime have got the approval for the ecological agriculture.

CaCO3 in %
MgCO3 in %
Reactivity in %
Rüdersdorfer Magnesiumkalk 23% CaO 12% MgO 45
Ostrauer Kalk 50 35 19
Börde Kalk I 80 - 50
Saale Kalk I 70 15 42
Saale Kalk II 55 30 25
Harzer Magnesiumkalk 50 40 20
Muschelkalk 90 90 - 65
Weserkalk 90 90 - 65
Weser-Naturkalk Typ B 85 - 60
Weser-Naturkalk Typ A 80 5 55
Weser-Naturkalk Typ O 70 15 40
Konverterkalk 41% CaO 1% MgO -
Estnischer Dolomitkalk 50 40 >10
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